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Call our OWCP Injury Hotline Now! 972-544-7586
To get your Health Care and COP started today.

We have an expert case manager ready to assist you.

If you are a Federal Employee, and have been injured on the job, Accuhealth can give you assistance getting back to work – and it does not cost you anything! We are DOL Doctors!
Form CA-17, CA-20, CA-7, CA-35, OWCP-975 filing for you!

We offer a great diversity of both rehabilitative and therapeutic treatment (active and passive) for all types of job related injuries. Accuhealth's state-of-the-art facility has available private treatment rooms with modern, and well maintained equipment that has been designed for the most efficient and effective results.

All medical and therapy services are performed and / or supervised by our own licensed and certified DOL Doctor and medical personnel.