Certified DOL, Postal Employee, Texas, and Out-of-state Workers' Compensation Experts. Our multidisciplinary staff of healthcare professionals provide free claims assistance and expert treatment for your work or auto related injury.

As an injured worker you have the right to choose your treating doctor! Call (972) 544-7586 before seeing any doctor! Know your rights. You are not obligated to choose the company doctor as your treating doctor.

Choose Accuhealth for free claims assistance and the best in Workers' Comp treatment and therapy. We even treat denied cases. If your checks and/or medications have been cut off, or if your treatment was ended prematurely, call us today. We can provide the assistance and treatment you need!

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Mail man and injured worker

Certified Federal Postal Employees, Texas,
and Out-of-state Workers' Compensation Experts

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Accuhealth is a ”One Stop Shop” for all your work, auto and personal injuries. We provide a comprehensive treatment approach which includes diagnosis, physical therapy and pain management. Accuhealth works in conjunction with other Medical Doctors, Orthopedists, Imaging Centers and Labs to ensure that you get the care and treatment you need.

  • Free Claims Processing

    Our staff of professionals is unmatched in its experience dealing with insurance companies, adjusters, case managers and government agencies. We can get your claim moving forward like no one else can.

  • Free Transportation to and from the Clinic

    Need a ride to the clinic? No problem. We have professional drivers that can come and get you, and bring you back home after your appointment.

  • OWCP

    The Federal Employee's Compensation Act (FECA) makes it clear that one of your primary rights as an injured federal employee is the right to choose your own healthcare provider to treat your OWCP claim. Let our OWCP experts help you!!

  • Pain Management

    We provide medication and interventional pain management to help you with your recovery.

  • Work Related Injury Treatment

    We have a Comprehensive Work Related Injury Treat ment Program that will identify your injury and help you get back to work.

  • Personal & Auto Injury Treatment

    Let our expert team of professionals treat and document you injuries, to insure that you get the proper treatment and the proper compensation due to you.


    If you are an injured federal worker, call or come in and let us be your fed doc.


    State of the art migraine treatment center.


    Newest technologies for treating knee arthritis.


    Low cost, effective testosterone replacement therapy.


    Effective, affordable medical weight loss solutions.


    Cutting edge, effective treatment protocol for foot pain.

A Few Words About Us

When you come to Accuhealth you can be sure that you are in good hands. We at Accuhealth will do everything possible to insure that you recieve a positive experience.

When you come to Accuhealth you can be sure that you are in good hands. We at Accuhealth will do everything possible to insure that you receive a positive experience..


I am writing in regards to Accuhealth therapist Susan. When Susan came aboard with the therapy team she brought with her a vast amount of work experience and knowledge about working with people who have injuries, especially back surgeries.

Charles C

What can I say about Carmel but that she has been my 'brains' to help me through this maze called Department of Labor disability. As I have more than one case, she also helped me to understand how and why I have to keep them separate and when they need to be combined. She has a vast knowledge on my particular disabilities and she has a full understanding of my options for work or retirement. She is definitely an asset to anyone who is being assisted by her!

Laqueeda B

Coming to ACCUHEALTH was a breath of fresh air. The therapists were nice and helpful, plus my doctor listened to me and really cared for me. Before I went to Accuhealth my injury had been misdiagnosed or shall I say, ignored. My new doctor at Accuhealth properly diagnosed my condition, and found that I needed surgery. If this had been discovered long ago, things could have been better for me and I could have recovered much sooner. The longer an injury goes untreated the worse it gets for the injured person.

Elena D
Team of professionals is always ready to help
Free Claims Processing

Our workers compensation and auto injury experts can assist you in properly filing your claims. We are experts at U.S Dept. of labor OWCP claims.

Free Transportation

We offer free transportation to and from our clinic for patients who are unable to provide their own transportation.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment facility offers the best in injury treatment and pain management.

Multidisciplinary Staff

Our team of physicians, chiropractors, therapists, and psychologists offer comprehensive care and treatment. Fed doctors that you can trust.