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Accuhealth - Assisting Federal Employees

Accuhealth's me extensive experience in rehabilitation of work-related injuries makes us the logical choice over other clinics. You get excellent treatment and superior care that you need for your specific injury or illness. Accuhealth is dedicated to your health and wellbeing!

  • Have you been injured while performing your work duties?
  • Has the office of workers compensation or agency treated you fairly?
  • Is your injury, pain or illness irritated by what you do at work?
  • Are you receiving all the compensation and benefits to which you are entitled?

Accuhealth and our DOL Doctors can help you get the medical and therapeutic care you need. Our licensed and highly trained medical professionals, chiropractors, doctors, and case managers treat our clients to the best care possible to help them get back to their jobs. As a full-service therapeutic clinic, we offer a wide array of treatments, rehabilitation, and therapy including: