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What Patients are Saying:

Charles C

I am writing in regards to Accuhealth therapist Susan. When Susan came aboard with the therapy team she brought with her a vast amount of work experience and knowledge about working with people who have injuries, especially back surgeries.


What can I say about Carmel but that she has been my 'brains' to help me through this maze called Department of Labor disability. As I have more than one case, she also helped me to understand how and why I have to keep them separate and when they need to be combined. She has a vast knowledge on my particular disabilities and she has a full understanding of my options for work or retirement. She is definitely an asset to anyone who is being assisted by her!

Ellena D

Coming to ACCUHEALTH was a breath of fresh air. The therapists were nice and helpful, plus my doctor listened to me and really cared for me. Before I went to Accuhealth my injury had been misdiagnosed or shall I say, ignored. My new doctor at Accuhealth properly diagnosed my condition, and found that I needed surgery. If this had been discovered long ago, things could have been better for me and I could have recovered much sooner. The longer an injury goes untreated the worse it gets for the injured person.